The FDA’s Ruling Is Said To Be A “Two-Year Countdown” On Vapor Products

Vapor StoreAugust 8, 2016 marked a historic day for vapers and vape shops everywhere as the FDA cracked down on the sale of new and old vaping products. Under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act the FDA (US Food and Drug Association) will now refer to all vaping products as “tobacco products.”


So what exactly does this mean for vaping and vape shops?


The ruling is being described by George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, as a “two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9% of vapor products on the market.” That seems to be a strong claim to back, but he he stands by it and goes further to say that if the ruling is not reversed, the vaping industry will be minimal after two years.


To grasp this statement, let’s analyze what exactly is addressed under the ruling and how that will affect vaping shops everywhere:


Virtually Everything Is A Tobacco Product


This means that vaping products are now subject to regulation by the FDA, including nicotine-free and synthetic nicotine products. This bestows a limit on what products can and cannot be sold. Thus vape shops may not be able to sell your favorite product to you, now or in the near future.


Furthermore, if the product wasn’t commercially marketed on August 8 it cannot be legally introduced into the market. Modifications to current products can neither occur.


Changes For Vape Shop Owners/Employees


There are manifold new storeowner regulations concerning age confirmation, free samples, labeling, and even aiding customers with setup. You’ll want to learn more and update yourself on all the present regulations in effect as there will be surely more to come. The next big date is December 31, 2016 when manufacturers (including importers) must register their establishment(s) and distinct products in order to continue selling in the US.


You can visit the American Vaping Association’s website for further news on the FDA ruling and how you will be affected.


European Study-Vaping Popular Way to Quit Smoking

vape shop camp wisdomIn a recent European study vaping products were found beneficial in the use of quitting tobacco cigarettes in place of traditional marketed Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT).


A press release from the American Vaping Association , dated June 27, 2016, stated a study was recently concluded by researchers at the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research. The findings of the research concluded that often tobacco smokers are sourcing vaping products as a means to quit or reduce their need for tobacco cigarettes. Information for the study was compiled from a 2014 Eurobarometer survey. The Eurobarometer survey gauges, among other subjects, configurations in the use of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Data from the survey was compiled from a questionnaire filled out by 27, 460 European participants from 28 countries in the European Union.


The information gathered from the research found that 48.5 million Europeans have tried e-cigarettes, and 7.5 million participants consider themselves to still be current users. Among those who are still vape users 35.1% stated they quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, while another 32.2% stated they haven’t quit but have cut-back on their use of tobacco cigarettes. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, principal investigator and co-author of the research explained in the press release, “These are probably the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed in such a large population study.”


The scientists concluded two specific findings about vaping from their research. First overall fact was that vaping appeared to be a feasible way for smokers to completely quit smoking, or at least reduce their need for tobacco cigarettes. The second fact was that vaping use tended to be only among current and former tobacco smokers. The research concluded only 1.3% of non-smokers conveyed they used e-cigarettes containing nicotine, and a small 0.09% of non-smokers stated they smoked electronic cigarettes on a daily basis. There was no apparent continued use of e-cigarettes by non-smokers. This confirms other studies that concluded vaping is not a gateway to tobacco cigarettes.


In another study the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) concluded the same findings that vaping can be used to successfully quit smoking. The RCP recently finished their own study regarding e-cigarette use in the UK, “Nicotine without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction.” From their research the RCP concluded that E-cigarettes are being sold as a consumer product, but are becoming popular as a way for smokers to quit or reduce their tobacco cigarette instead of using traditional Nicotine replacement therapies. The RCP stated although there may future findings of health risks associated with vaping products, but in today’s products the long-term health risks associated with e-cigarette use is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from tobacco cigarettes. They stated for overall public health, e-cigarettes, NRT’s and other non-tobacco products should be promoted as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.


The research strongly suggest vaping is valuable alternative for smokers to be able quit or lower their dependence on traditional tobacco cigarettes. Make the change today. Come to your local Camp Wisdom Vape Shop and see how much of a healthy difference vaping can make for your life.


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Vaping News

The Safety of E-cigs

Tyler Texas Vaping StoreLately in the news there have been reports of e-cigarettes exploding and catching fire. Although not an everyday happening, occasionally it can. In a study by The US Fire Administration (USFA) about the safety of vaping products, “Electronic Cigarette Fire and Explosions”, it was stated in 2014 there were 2.5 million American e-cigarettes users, and that number was steadily increasing. The study concluded, even though there are a sizable number of smokers using electronic cigarettes, the media described number of instances of e-cigarettes exploding and causing a fire were comparatively slight.


The study determined the media reported 25 instances of explosions and fire relating to e-cigarettes from 2009 through August 2014. The USFA used media reports because they don’t collect adequate data with information precise enough to provide an accurate evaluation of the number of, or effect of e-cigarette fires. Media reports were being used as a less dependable source of information, but one that included the data they needed.


Out of the 25 cases reported there were ten injuries, with no death. Of the ten injuries, two were deemed serious burns caused by the e-cigarettes exploding in the smoker’s mouth. Twenty of the incidents occurred when the battery was being charged. Two of the cases occurred when the e-cigarette was being smoked. One case occurred when the e-cigarette was being transported on a cargo aircraft, and there were two cases where the factors were considered unknown.


The type of vapor device did appear to make a difference. The twenty-five cases all involved vape pens or “Twists.” The e-cigarettes that have a look more like a traditional tobacco cigarette. The battery is rechargeable through a USB port in the body of the e-cigarette. Other vapor devices, such as PV’s and Mods, have larger batteries that are recharged on external chargers, not while they are still in the device.


E-cigarette use a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is found in many types of products such as cellphones and laptop computers. The difference in the safety of the batteries is in the shape. E-cigarette batteries have a cylindrical shape that has its weakest point at one end. In other portable devices the battery is often contained in a rigid plastic case, pouch, or it’s flat.


Stephanie Lee states in an article on Gizmodo, “Why E-cigarettes explode, How You Can Vape Safely,” five ways to safely use e-cigarettes.


  1. Always use chargers recommended by the manufacturer
  2. Always plug your e-cigarette into approved devices only
  3. Always buy e-cigarettes from well-known reputable companies
  4. Always ensure your battery is the one recommended by the manufacturer. Keep an eye out recalls, or other safety notices.
  5. Maintain your battery and replace it if there is any known damage. Always replace the battery with one recommended by the manufacturer, and always turn the battery off when not in use.


Electronic cigarettes are a commonly smoked product. They are a viable choice instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using a few simple techniques you can safely have the enjoyment of smoking e-cigarettes. Our Tyler Vapor Store has all of the supplies you will need to pick out the safest E-cigs on the market today.



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Vaping-Get the Facts About The Diference Between ECig or Mod

big electronic cigarettes isolated on white

There are actually two forms of tools utilized for vaping, the e-cig and also the mod. One of the most generally recognized forms is the e-cig. This sort of vaporizer frequently has the shape of a conventional tobacco cigarette. Mods don’t have this cigarette style body. It comes in many shapes, sizes and styles.

Each e-cigs and mod are normally known as e-cigarettes. Although they have a tendency to look distinctively different, they may be each employed in vaping and each have fundamentally exactly the same technologies. You’ll find 3 basic parts to an e-cig or mod; the battery, the atomizer, plus the e-liquid. The battery powers the device. The battery activates the atomizer, this heats up a coil, which heats up the e-liquid developing a vapor. The e-liquid, also called e-juice, consists of the flavorings and, if any, nicotine.

Each device technically perform the exact same way. The user inhales by way of a mouthpiece. This airflow triggers a sensor that switches on a battery powered heater coil. The heated coil warms up the e-liquid that may be inside a cartridge. The heated e-liquid creates the vapor that the user inhales, and also creates a vapor cloud. The sensor can also activate a light in the end of an e-cig to simulate the lit end of a conventional tobacco cigarette.

E-cigs, also referred to as e-cigarettes, are usually the first type of product a brand new user tries. It generally has an equivalent appearance and similar feel to a traditional tobacco cigarette. The e-cig would be the smallest sized vaping device. Normally it’s disposable and comes with a pre-filled cartridge. In the e-cigarette the battery is smaller, and produces much less of a vapor cloud than a mod device.

The Mod vaping device is also generally known as a sophisticated individual vaporizer, vape pen, or vape mod. According to Electronic Cigarette Purchasers Guide, the two basic shapes of mods are tube mods and box mods. The tube mod includes a cylindrical body shape. The box mod has a square or rectangular physique shape. Each varieties have merchandise with variations of their body shapes and styles. The mod user is able to regulate the power level. They may be reusable and commonly have refillable e-juice containers. For the vape smoker that desires more vapor, mods have the potential for generating a bigger vapor cloud.

The e-cigarettes have a tendency to be much less costly than the mods. The cost evens out as a result of reality that the mods are reusable and refillable. The flavor producer in the e-cigs and mods will be the e-liquid, also known as e-juice. For the refillable designs of vaping devices you’ll find a vast number of flavors and nicotine levels obtainable. The flavors can also be mixed and matched to fit your individual taste. E-cigs contain no tobacco solutions.

With the recognition of vaping there are numerous items accessible. There are actually distinctive designs of vapor mods and e-cigs, as well as a wide assortment of flavored e-liquids. Whether you favor e-cigs or mods there’s a style to match your personal tastes and requires.