The Safety of E-cigs

Tyler Texas Vaping StoreLately in the news there have been reports of e-cigarettes exploding and catching fire. Although not an everyday happening, occasionally it can. In a study by The US Fire Administration (USFA) about the safety of vaping products, “Electronic Cigarette Fire and Explosions”, it was stated in 2014 there were 2.5 million American e-cigarettes users, and that number was steadily increasing. The study concluded, even though there are a sizable number of smokers using electronic cigarettes, the media described number of instances of e-cigarettes exploding and causing a fire were comparatively slight.


The study determined the media reported 25 instances of explosions and fire relating to e-cigarettes from 2009 through August 2014. The USFA used media reports because they don’t collect adequate data with information precise enough to provide an accurate evaluation of the number of, or effect of e-cigarette fires. Media reports were being used as a less dependable source of information, but one that included the data they needed.


Out of the 25 cases reported there were ten injuries, with no death. Of the ten injuries, two were deemed serious burns caused by the e-cigarettes exploding in the smoker’s mouth. Twenty of the incidents occurred when the battery was being charged. Two of the cases occurred when the e-cigarette was being smoked. One case occurred when the e-cigarette was being transported on a cargo aircraft, and there were two cases where the factors were considered unknown.


The type of vapor device did appear to make a difference. The twenty-five cases all involved vape pens or “Twists.” The e-cigarettes that have a look more like a traditional tobacco cigarette. The battery is rechargeable through a USB port in the body of the e-cigarette. Other vapor devices, such as PV’s and Mods, have larger batteries that are recharged on external chargers, not while they are still in the device.


E-cigarette use a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is found in many types of products such as cellphones and laptop computers. The difference in the safety of the batteries is in the shape. E-cigarette batteries have a cylindrical shape that has its weakest point at one end. In other portable devices the battery is often contained in a rigid plastic case, pouch, or it’s flat.


Stephanie Lee states in an article on Gizmodo, “Why E-cigarettes explode, How You Can Vape Safely,” five ways to safely use e-cigarettes.


  1. Always use chargers recommended by the manufacturer
  2. Always plug your e-cigarette into approved devices only
  3. Always buy e-cigarettes from well-known reputable companies
  4. Always ensure your battery is the one recommended by the manufacturer. Keep an eye out recalls, or other safety notices.
  5. Maintain your battery and replace it if there is any known damage. Always replace the battery with one recommended by the manufacturer, and always turn the battery off when not in use.


Electronic cigarettes are a commonly smoked product. They are a viable choice instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using a few simple techniques you can safely have the enjoyment of smoking e-cigarettes. Our Tyler Vapor Store has all of the supplies you will need to pick out the safest E-cigs on the market today.



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