Vaping Evolutions For Safety

As technology continues to evolve at the fastest pace it ever has in history, evolutions in every industry, for every product and every service are a natural occurrence. Vaping is a relatively new fad that has come into the forefront of popular culture in creating a new social norm, as well as being a target for media criticism. Health concerns were one of the arguments against vaping by many forms of media wishing to create another villain in the nicotine industry, though more and more research is being conducted as to whether these claims are true. Claims that vaping is just as bad as smoking, or that they are a gateway to cigarettes have been found disproven, as studies have found that vaping is generally a much cleaner and safer option for people. One of the areas of concern in the advent of these electronic devices is the safety of the batteries that fuel the E-cigarettes.  As there have been instances in the past of overheating and in some cases, exploding, technology advancements have been made in the newer models for more secure battery systems for these devices.


The lithium-ion battery was one that has experienced difficulties in the past, though recently it has been reinvented to create a cell that lasts longer, charges faster and is without the risk of explosion or overheating. Energy density is also improved, which means that they will last longer and allow for more charging cycles to avoid less waste in not having to use multiple batteries for one device. The most vital evolution is perhaps the fact that the new batteries prevent overheating. As the battery cells operate at lower temperatures, they are said to be more stable than the previous models. Basically, this is all great news for the vaping industry as they continue to update their devices for improved efficiency and overall safety for users.


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