Vaping Length: How Long Is Best?

For any vaping enthusiast, both seasoned and new to the technique, it can be a complex process to find your rhythm and flow in how you utilize this experience. With so many different devices, styles, functions and strengths, choosing the right vaping device for yourself is just the first step. The actual process of inhalation and how long you vape for can be varied according to your preferences and ultimately, the desired effect you wish to achieve.


Research has been conducted to examine the effects of varying length of vaping on different as opposed to cigarettes. Results showed that those using cigarette style devices vaped for over an hour, without achieving the same results as a smoker did in just 5 mins. Conversely, for those using the bigger, stronger vaping device, it took 3 min to reach the same nicotine blood levels as the 5 min smokers. This reveals that for those looking to mimic the effect of smoking in their vaping experience, then it is necessary to do so on a larger device for over 30 mins. It is important for those making the switch from smoking not to expect that a 5 min vaping session will give you your fix to beat your cravings. For those who are vaping for the leisure and social aspect, then it perhaps may even be encouraging to know that their 5-10 mins of vaping is a much lighter alternative to smoking. For whatever reason you have taken to vaping, it is useful to know the effects of this technique and the comparison to smoking.


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