Vaping To Reduce Post-Smoking Weight Gain

High blood pressure and other heart complications are just some of the adverse health risks that smokers experience. There’s no denying that smoking cigarettes greatly decreases longevity in creating illness and disease such as cardiovascular problems and cancers. As an alternative solution to smoking, vaping is considered an effective option for smokeless tobacco consumption for peopling wishing to taper, and eventually quit smoking (as well as generally being a healthier social habit to cultivate over smoking).


An issue that many people who are trying to quit smoking experience is weight gain, leading to more cardiovascular complications in addition to those created by the addition itself. Vaping may just be the solution to this problem. One study in particular examined blood pressure in those who smoked compared with those vaped whilst tapering down on smoking. Results revealed that smokers who tapered or completely quit cigarette consumption by vaping had great reductions in blood pressure, compared with those who quit cold turkey (with no assistance). This is due to the effect that vaping may have on the process of post-smoking weight gain. Those who take up vaping to replace the act of smoking can expect to experience less weight gain. This may be due to the fact that the habit has been replaced, therefore reducing the instances of quitting smokers replacing smoking with overconsumption of food. Also, as nicotine is still affecting the body in vaping, the relaxation effect on the nervous system in vaping can also be why people experience less weight gain due to stress. These findings point to the fact that vaping may just be the way to quit smoking while avoiding some of the problems associated such as weight gain. This may also reduce the instance of adverse effects on the cardiovascular system as a result.


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